Monday, November 1, 2010

being content with what I have

I feel like God is trying to teach me to be content with what I have. This has got to be one of the hardest lessons of my life. I really want to fish bigger tournaments and to do so, and compete at a higher level with those in them I know I need a bigger faster boat then the 17 ft bass boat I fish out of with an 85 hp motor.
So where do I say ok? I am content knowing that right now I will not get a brand new boat from the show room floor, I will not get all the cool electronics and all the best tackle. So how do I stay content when I know that a bigger boat is what I need to compete on a bigger scale?

The reality I have come to is maybe I need to be content fishing in the smaller tournaments for a little longer even though I want to fish bigger ones. Last week I was reading about the new rules for qualifying for the Bass Master Classic and got the bug to fish the Open events. How cool would it be to win an Open event and qualify for the Bass Master Classic! Sadly I know my family cannot afford it.

Being content and happy with where I am is a challenge, however its one I know I can overcome with the help of God and my wife. She has been a lot more supportive lately and I know if we could afford a bigger boat I would own one. If we could afford for me to fish the Bass Master Opens I would be fishing them. I have often wondered why God blessed me with such a great women and as this journey in fishing tournaments and other projects has begun I understand why. She is my sounding board, she is my helper, she is my friend (and at times team mate in tournaments), and she is my rock. I know without question I could not do what I have already done in fishing without her.

So being content where I am is hard but I know that with my wife behind me I can continue to be content and on occasion still drool at the Nitro’s at Bass pro Shop, or at new tackle on line or at the tackle store and she will remind me about being content.

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