Monday, November 8, 2010

Still learning

Every day I learn something new. Today is no different. I just finished reading Dave Mercer’s book “135 Secrets Fish Don’t Want You To Know”. I couldn’t put the book down and I have already started reading again so I can mark pages that I can refer back to later.

We, as anglers, are always learning. I heard Bill Dance say once that no matter how old you get an angler is always learning. Whether we are reading books, magazine articles, or spending time on the water learning from our mistakes; anglers always want to be better at a their craft. Until this year I would have never thrown a jig around lay downs and rocks, but now after losing a lot of jigs and a lot of headaches I have the confidence to throw them anywhere.

I remember when I first became a Christian wondering how those teaching me understood the Bible so well. I always thought that they had some special gift that others didn’t have. However, I was wrong. We can all become teachers of the Bible we just need to apply ourselves to understanding what the Bible passage we are studying is about. Like an angler those teaching the Bible need to read and learn. Instead of magazines and books to better understand the Bible we need to read commentaries and the footnotes in our Bibles. When we study and read we can learn and teach others about the Bible.

As we learn we can practice to throw our knowledge anywhere just like those jigs but instead of catching the “big one” we can lead others to the top Angler, Christ.

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