Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Going against the flow

I was out on the river fishing yesterday and found a part of the river that was producing fish unlike any other I had been to. This one spot had a very strong current, was only about 300 yards long, but the current made it hard to fish. I put the trolling motor on high and worked my way up the 300 yard area. My trolling motor was working harder than it ever has since I’ve owned it. Every time I took my foot off the trolling motor the current pushed me back 10 to 20 yards in a matter of moments. I would have to work my way back up slowly to get to the spot I wanted to fish. It was after this occurred multiple times that I had a thought about life.

The thought I had was that fighting the current on the river is much like the life of a Christian. The current was much like the world moving in one direction where Christians are like my boat fighting against the flow (current). Christians are called to be a light to the world and we do this by being different from the world. We don’t do the things that the world does. When I stopped running the trolling motor, the boat was swept up in the current, we are no different when we stop following Christ. Christians lose our way and get swept up into things of the world that we should not be involved in, but like my trolling motor, God is there to help get us back on course.

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