Sunday, November 7, 2010

Changing it up

Going to a Christian College I hear a lot about sharing Christ with others. I have learned over the last 3 ½ years that each person is different and unique and one single approach is not going to reach everyone. You have to get to know the person you are trying to reach. Once you understand the person, you may then begin to share Christ with them.

The same is true with a bass. One approach to catching them is not going to work day in and day out. Just because yesterday you caught them on a crank bait doesn’t mean that the next day you are going to catch bass the same way. You may have to adjust your approach and throw something different. It might be as simple as changing the color of your crank bait or even the speed of your retrieve. As anglers become in tuned to what the water temp is, what the clouds are doing and many other factors that affect the behavior of the fish, we catch more.

One of the greatest examples of this in the Bible is in Acts 17:16-34. Paul is in Athens and sees a alter to an unknown god. Paul uses this alter to tell the people in Athens about this god the one and true God. Paul also quoted the philosophers of the time to help him reach the people of Athens. Paul adjusted his approach of preaching the message of God from preaching in the synagogue to Jews, to preaching to the people of Athens

Anglers need to be able to do the same on the water when we are trying to adjust our presentations so we can catch those bass we are after. Christians can also take the leading of Paul and learn that we cannot share the Gospel with an Atheist like we would someone who is Jewish or Muslim. Christians and anglers alike need to look at the situations around us and read the signs of the situation to reach people and to get those bass in the boat.

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