Saturday, November 6, 2010


I had a friend of mine call me last night, and share the joy of catching a 7 pound bass on Sam Rayburn. This was the biggest bass he has ever caught. When he called he said he was going to send me a message on Face book, but decided he wanted to tell me over the phone.

It made me wonder, what has happened to face to face communication? We have so many things that allow us to hide behind a computer and never have to talk to someone. We chat on Facebook and AIM, we email instead of sending a hand written letter. I wonder if kids growing up today will have interpersonal communication skills or will all communication be over a computer?

I’m just spouting off but as a fisherman that has sponsors I need to represent them. I need to be able to talk about sponsors’ products with a person face to face. Anglers need to have good communication skills, but with the way culture communication is changing it is becoming harder to develop these skills.

What if Jesus had not come to earth and died for our sins 2000 years ago but instead came today? He would not have been able to preach like he did then. Would we all get on line and listen to the latest Jesus Pod Cast? God is all knowing and He knew that when He sent Christ it was the perfect time. I am so glad that He did come to earth and that I can have a personal relationship with him.

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