Monday, December 6, 2010

Thank You

When I started this blog I did it so I could share a few silly thoughts I had about God and fishing.  I never expected people to really read it or even care about what I have to say.  In September I never expected to write as many posts as I have.

I was out fishing Thursday in some really cold weather and I wondered why do I write this blog?  Does anyone really care?  I had not decided to stop but I have to say that the thought had crossed my mind.  When I got home I had an email in my Facebook account from Tim Law, telling me that he read my blog and thanked me for it.  I felt renewed.  To be fair, I have had a few guys from school tell me those things I had written meant a lot and that they had needed to hear what I had said.  But Thursday what Tim told me came at a time when I needed to hear it and that made it stand out more.

When I was 21, I started a career as a plumber following in my grandfather’s footsteps and I fell in love with my job.  However, God put on my heart that I needed to go back to school and be a pastor.  I still remember the first time I felt God leading me down that path; I fought with God because I did “mix” well with school when I was younger.  Following God’s lead I started school to be a pastor a few years later.

Now, what I’m about to say may cause some of you to frown, I’m not sure that being a pastor is my passion.  I like teaching people about God and the Bible, but I don’t have the drive in me to do it for a living.  Last year I had the great honor of being a youth pastor, I felt alive, and I had a passion. However after problems arose and I was attacked by some people in the church I once again followed God’s prompting and left my passion.  Since then, I have had a jaded view of the church in America and my passion for being a pastor has all but faded.  I still miss each and every one of those teens I spent time with each week, wondering about them and how they are doing.

The other day one of them contacted me on Facebook and asked about my blog.  I don’t know who told him about the blog, but the message he sent me said he was glad I was preaching again.  I guess I don’t think of my crazy ramblings about God and bass fishing as preaching but maybe in some ways it is.  So, thank you, Gregory; thank you, Tim; thank you, Dave.  Thank you everyone that thinks my crazy blog about God and bass fishing is worth reading.  If something stands out to you let me know, please, it may just be what I need to hear at that moment to remind me it is worth writing and to keep going.

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