Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Love of Crankbaits

If you have read my blog it is no secret that one of my favorite lures to fish with is a crankbait.  I love how fast you can reel in a crankbait and I love how hard a bass hits the lure.  I have partnered with BB-Lures and Bill (owner) is an artist when it comes to transforming a normal crankbait into a custom painted crankbait which is a work of art.

There is a reason that fishermen spend that extra money to get a crankbait painted into that custom color they want.  The reason is simple, an edge over the competition.  Tournament anglers are always looking for that edge, that new lure or color that will out-fish the other guy.  That’s what a custom painted crankbait does.  I don’t know any anglers that would throw a crankbait that is pink or some color that is natural to fish.  The idea in fishing lures is to match the hatch.  That’s what a custom painted crankbait does; it matches the hatch of the bait fish in the body of water you are fishing.

I was thinking about our lives.  Before I became a Christian, I was that plain crankbait you buy at the tackle shop.  Yes they look good and have a little flash, but they are all plain and pretty much alike (generic).  Yet when we choose to give up our lives and follow Christ we go through a change, much like the crankbait does when it gets a custom paint job.  Just as we are stripped our old ways, the crankbait goes through a similar process when Bill at BB-Lures strips off the old paint.  As we change and live our lives for the Lord we become lights for the Lord.  We change from old to new.  Yes, there is still our old body like the crankbait it is still the same bait but with a new color, a color more alive.  Just like us, when we follow the Lord we become more alive and get a new custom painting from the Lord.

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