Thursday, December 30, 2010

Punch Bomb

I have been doing a lot of research lately on punch skirts and how to fish a punch rig setup.  I am intrigued by this type of fishing because I can see it helping me win some tournaments this summer.  There are a lot of companies making punch skirts but I will be using the punch bombs made by my sponsor, Atomic Tackle Company.  

What makes a punch skirt work is its ability to make any Texas rigged soft plastic work like a jig.  But unlike a jig the skirt and hook are separate from each other which allow the lure to have more action.  You use a punch skirt and Texas rigged soft plastic in thick matted grass.

Bass like to live in the thick matted grass, to hide from the hot summer heat.  To catch these bass you have to put the lure into the heart of the thick stuff. I know when I am feeling the pressure and when things are not going the way they should I try to hide.  When I am hiding from God I try to huddle far away from him just like the bass holding up in the thick grass mats.  It takes someone to hit me upside the head and tell me I am being dumb or acting dumb before I come out.  That’s what the punch bomb does; it makes the bass bite allowing you drag them out of the thick stuff. 
Don’t be like me and the bass, don’t hide from God, and don’t force someone to drag you out of those dark places.  Instead look to God and ask him for help.  Remember God loves you and wants to help.

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