Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Fog

I was out fishing the other day and since I live in Michigan bass fishing in December is not a normal thing. It was 27 degrees outside and the wind chill was 15.  I have come to the conclusion I am crazy or just really driven to fish.  Maybe it was the two products I needed to test out and get some reviews written for but I went fishing in the cold regardless of the reason.

To be honest I didn’t really want to brave the cold and hit the water, but I did.  I find most of my inspiration for writing my blog when I’m on the water but not Thursday.  Fishing was tough that day, I caught 10 bass and got to use my new Skeet Reese bait-casting reel which I have been wanting to use since I saw an article about them.  So that opportunity in itself was awesome.  Despite the new reel, I was still in a funk, standing on the deck of my boat casting, bundled up, and thinking why do I write this blog? When I got home, like I wrote about recently, I was blessed and renewed by an email.

One of the coolest things about fishing in cold weather with warm water is the steam rolling up off of the water.  There I am casting and because of the steam rolling up off the water, I couldn’t see the exact place I was casting to.  It was eerie and peaceful in the same moment.  As I cast into the steam, I could not help but think about the fog I used to live in.  That fog was my life without Christ.  I spent more than half of my life in that fog. Through God’s grace and the gift of salvation given to us by Christ’s death on the cross, I came out of the fog.

Out of the fog I became a new person, a new creation in Christ.  I threw my crank bait into the fog, not sure of where it landed or if I’d hit the target I was looking at and aiming for.  Then as I reeled in the crankbait I felt a violent bite, set the hook and fought a 5 pound bass to the boat. This bass had a big red blemish on its head, much like me because I still have scars and wounds that only God can heal and he is still healing.  But out of the fog comes a prize, whether it is a 5 pound bass or a new creation in Christ.

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