Friday, December 3, 2010

Cleaning out the old in with the new

Winter is the off season for a fisherman, unless they like to sit in the cold and ice fish.  It can be a time of anticipation waiting for spring to come and the opportunity to hit the water.  It can also be a time when a bass angler can get ready for the next season.  They can work on sponsors re-signing, getting new ones that sort of thing.  They can figure out when to plan a trip to the lake of their dreams.  It is also a great time to do research for lakes they might have to fish the next year.

One of the things I do during the off season is go thru my tackle and figure out what I need and get rid of the stuff I don’t use.  It can be a great time to get all of that tackle you need for the following year at a lower price than normal.  Anglers can evaluate what they have and what they need.

Christians don’t need an off season to figure out what we need to get rid of in our lives.  We have the Holy Spirit to help us get rid of the things we don’t need in our lives.  Much like tackle we have accumulated over the past year of fishing there are things in our lives that we don’t need.  The Holy Spirit is there to convict us about things in our lives that are harmful to our Christian lives.  It helps us to identify those areas in our lives that need to be changed.  Just like our tackle boxes there are things in each Christian’s life that need to be cleaned out. 

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