Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Shout Outs

I need to give a shout out to Dave Maas who writes the Bass Pundit blog.  I started looking myself and blog up on Yahoo and Google this weekend.  I found links to me and my blog on his blog Bass Pundit. 
Make sure you go check him out.  He has a lot of great content on his blog.  Dave knows his stuff and if you are as interested in learning about bass fishing as I am, Bass Pundits blog has what you are looking for.

I also need to give Tyler Brinks a shout out.  I have talk some about how I have a life coach Mike Harrison who has helped me move beyond what I was doing in fishing.  Tyler of T Brinks (his blog) has helped me so much.  He has looked over product reviews, is the second in command of Inside Bass Fishing (he helped me get it off the ground).  Tyler as has great content on his blog so make sure you check it out.

I also want to plug another blog I started Chris McDonald Fishing.  This blog is about God and how I see him and learn more about him in my fishing.  Tyler and I were emailing back and forth today about my new blog and this one.  He encouraged me to keep this one going and I intend to.  The new blog is dedicated to bass fishing.  I have a few things on there right now.  It’s mainly product reviews and articles I have written.  More content is to come.  I am hoping to work it with my website that I am hoping will be up and running soon  Make sure you check those two links out.    


  1. Thanks for the plug of Bass Pundit. I look forward to reading your new blog and will get it linked right now. Sometime early in the new year I will have a blog post updating my most recent bass fishing blog discoveries.

  2. Thank you as well. I have enjoyed your blog and have included you in my list of blogs. I am still learning sorry I have not done it sooner

  3. Thanks for the shout out! Keep up the good work on the blogs. I second what you said about BP...hes the godfather of bass blogs.