Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Ice

Josh and I hit the water Sunday afternoon.  As we pulled up to the ramp, there were two guys pulling a boat out of the river.  After we put the boat in and I parked the truck I was heading to jump into the boat.  As I walked by the guys who had just pulled the boat out they stopped me.

The guy explained that his boat had been frozen in the river for the last few weeks, the small cove he lived in had frozen quickly and he had not gotten his boat out before it happened.  The boat was beat up and looked like it had been around since the 50’s.

It made me stop and think.  We as Christians can have the same thing happen to us.  Things can start to take a down ward spiral quickly and we may not even realize we are straying away from the Lord.  Just like that guy and his boat we can become frozen in (far from God) before we even realize it.  The guy told me that he had to break a lot of ice to get his boat to the main river and run to the ramp.  We as Christians can have to break a lot of ice to get back to the Lord.  Just like the boat it is important to get out of the ice.  Having your boat sitting in the ice all winter can damage your haul and even put a hole in it.  Staying in the ice as a Christian can do the same.  We are venerable to the attacks of the devil and he can put holes in us.  We can start doing things we know are wrong and are not of God.  We need to make sure we take care of ourselves just like we do with are boats.

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