Wednesday, January 12, 2011

No Sleep

It’s funny I wrote a blog a few days ago about being rejected by sponsors.  I was devastated to say the least.  With that said I have been having trouble sleeping the last few weeks and have spent several nights not sleeping or being up very late.  I never went to sleep the other night and spent most of the night on Facebook.

I was reading some stuff about sponsorship and being on pro teams.  I realized why I am worrying about sponsorship.  Yeah it would be nice to have help in the fishing industry and get discounts but I fish because I love it, because when I do I feel close to God.  I watched this funny clip floating around face book about guys being on pro teams and how they get on a pro team and then spend more than they would to be on it.  I’ve found that I only want to partner with companies I use.  I only use Vicious line and will not approach any other line companies.  Just like crankbaits, 95% of the crankbaits I use are Strike Kings and I don’t care to approach other companies because I don’t want to use anything else.

I also have had this need to get a new bass boat (which is always there just more at the moment).  I want to fish BFL’s and don’t know that my trusty old 1979 Ranger bass boat will do the trick.  After talking to a few guys and hearing about other people fishing big tourneys in smaller Jon boats.  I am feeling better about my boat. No, I don’t think I will fish BFL’s in it but with the help of my friend Josh I hope we can fix my boat up a little and make it a little better to fish from this coming season.

Even though I didn’t sleep I learned a lot.  God uses all situations to help us grow.  I truly did grow that night.  I realized that I have a great boat.  Its old, it doesn’t go as fast as the guys I fish with but it gets me fishing.  I have great sponsors like JJ’s Magic, Atomic Tackle Company, BB-Lures, Inside Bass Fishing, GLCC, CenterMark Coaching, Bass Fury and Fish Bait Radio.

My wife was telling me about a conversation she had with a lady she works with that helped me gain a new perspective on my sponsors.  The co-worker said it was impressive that I have lined up the sponsors I have.  In this economy to her that was impressive.  My wife realized that I have done a lot and when I stop and think about what her co-worker said, they are right I have done a lot.  I don’t need to have a big sponsor I have a lot more than most guys.

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