Thursday, October 28, 2010

practice makes perfect

Remember that old adage practice makes perfect?  It really does, fishing is like any other sport.  You will never get any better unless you practice.  I am not the greatest at pitching and flipping, but with practice out on the water and flipping to a bucket in the front yard (I get a lot of funny looks from people driving by) I have become better at it.
The same is true for anything; the more we work at it the better we are.  My friend Mike is a life coach and owns Centermark Coaching, he has helped me in the last few weeks see another side of fishing.  He has taken me and helped me develop habits with my blog, and other areas that are hopefully going to show companies why they should sponsor me.  Without him and practicing these new habits I wouldn’t be growing like I am.
The same is true for our spiritual lives.  God doesn’t want stagnant Christians even though it is easy to do.  We need to be growing, we need to be digging into Gods word and growing closer to God so we can be more Christ like.  We cannot be content being like, the moss growing on the back of a stagnant pond where the water doesn’t move.  Yes the moss grows but it stinks and doesn’t hold much fish life.  We need to be like the grass that grows from the bottom of the lake.  We need to grow “up”, “up” in are maturity with Christ, “up” toward Christ.  We need to have a firm foundation so when the winds of like blow we are rooted in Christ, not like the moss on top of the water that is blown all around and moved from place to place with no firm foundation.

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