Friday, October 29, 2010


I have spent the day trying to work on a paper for my Christian Theology class. Every time I try and focus the phone goes off, I remember something else I needed to do. It’s funny when I sit down at the computer I cannot focus on this paper. I have been trying to do three things at once lately and none of them go well.

It seems funny to me that I can’t do more than one thing when I am sitting at the computer working on school work. However when I’m out on the water I can focus on three things at once. I can focus on the tick, tick, tick I felt on the end of my line, looking for the next spot to cast to and can spend time in prayer.

I don’t know what it is about being in nature that allows me to multitask when I can’t do it at home. Even when the phone goes off it doesn’t distract me like it does at the house. I wish I had that same multitasking ability all the time. I don’t understand why I can multitask when on the water. I was talking to one of my professors yesterday; he told me that he could see a passion in me about fishing when I talk about it. My wife can tell when I am distracted or even not into what it is I’m doing. I wonder does this in ability to multitask come from me not wanting to do something, like say write a 10 page paper. I don’t have a good answer I guess.

I was thinking about Jesus well writing this. Jesus must have been a great multitasker. Think about it, he had a group of 12 guys following him around always asking questions and not understanding what he was talking about. On top of the apostles he had a crowd of people following him as well. People always wanting a miracle, him teaching well all the time doing what God put him on earth to do. Of course he was God and God can do anything, so I bet multitasking was no problem. Just a thought I would share.

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