Monday, March 28, 2011

Long Winter

It’s been a long winter.  I am so ready to fish it’s not even funny.  I though with the fact that I had gotten to fish into December I would not get cabin fever as bad this year.  Man was I wrong; I think my cabin fever is worse this year.
In 27 days I am going to Smith Mountain Lake to fish the Fishing for Charities event.  My wife and I have been planning the trip for a few months now and are both looking forward to the vacation.  She is going to fish with me because it’s a team tournament.
I have never been so excited about a tournament.  I have always wanted to fish Smith Mountain Lake so the chance to fish it is awesome and exciting at the same time.  I felt the same way last year when I went to Toledo Bend to fish a Big Bass tournament.
God is good I was worried about having the money for April but he has provided.  My wife is meeting friends and we are sharing a cabin with them so cost to stay is going to be less.  Plus I get to fish the 3 days we are there well she hangs out with her friends.
I am glad that Dwayne Linkous contacted me about writing a God based blog for the Fishing For charities website.  I would never have heard of the Fishing for Charities tournaments if he hadn’t and would not be going down.
God works in ways I never will understand but I’m glad he does.  I am so glad that Dwayne Linkous contacted me and I am able to share my blog with those who go to the Fishing for Charities website.


  1. Good luck! I can't wait to hear how it goes.

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