Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fishing With Confidence

Confidence what is it?  Well if you read the book “Fishing With Confidence” by John Mark Warren you might know.  I meet John thru Facebook, and have been eager to read his book.  A few weeks ago I ordered and yesterday it arrived.
John has been an inspiration for me.  When I am down and stressed about writing and working on a project that I am not going to talk about yet he has been there to help encourage me.  I am only thru the first chapter of “Fishing With Confidence” when I am reading it I don’t want to put it down.
The book is not your typical fishing book.  However that being said if you are a tournament angler like me you need to invest in the book.  It is about building confidence even on those days you aren’t catching fish.
Are we not our own worst enemy when we are on the water?  I know when I have trouble finding fish I get down making the day worse than it is.  The book is going to help you with that.  Make sure you check out “Fishing With Confidence”
Confidence is just as important when we talk about faith as it is when dealing with fishing.  Before I was a Christian I had confidence in me, but I did not have any idea what happened when I died.  The truth is death scared me.  When I accepted Christ that fear of death left, I had confidence that I would spend eternity with the Lord.
That’s the great thing about faith, we have hope.  Hope that life does not end when we died but instead we are going to be with God in paradise.  I have never met someone that was not a Christian with that hope.  Life is short and a life without hope is bleak and sad, don’t let that be you.

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