Thursday, March 3, 2011


In a post a few days ago I talked about reading “Fishing With Confidence” by John Mark Warren.  Like I said then the book is not your typical fishing book.  However it has made me stop and think about my fishing.  I started looking back at last year and tournaments I fished.  I have to be honest I fished a lot of NBAA tournaments and got my butt handed to me, week in and week out.
Looking back I realized I used the same lures week in and week out.  I fished the same spots, because I was comfortable in those spots.  I never looked for new spots to fish after I had practiced and found some that held fish.
By the end of the tournament season I had no confidence in my fishing ability.  I didn’t even fish the last three events because I figured what’s the point.  I had no plan to fish NBAA this year, they are team tournaments and I fished with two different people last year, my brother in-law and my wife.  When I told my wife I was not going to fish them she said she wanted to.  Because I love spending time with my wife and being on the water I figured it would be ok to get whooped on.
Once I started reading “Fishing With Confidence” this attitude has changed.  I am starting to look forward to fishing NBAA.  I know last year I made mistakes.  I was reading in “Fishing With Confidence” about commitment.  It talked about how when we really want something we commit to it.  Losing weight, being a doctor and even fishing.
The day after “Fishing With Confidence” came in the mail another book I had ordered showed up, Mike Iaconelli’s new book about finesse fishing (did a review check it out).  I am not a very good finesse fisherman, and being that Ike is one of the best I thought I would learn from the best.  John talks about committing to being the best no matter what it is.
It got me thinking, when I want to be better at something I out my head down and learn as much as I can about it.  When I became a Christian I studied the Bible trying to understand more about God.  When I want to learn about finesse fishing I read books articles watch videos.  Being a Christian is no different, we have to Commit to change, commit to following God.
Commitment is important no matter what we are doing.  Weather it is angling or being the person God wants us to be.  Are you committed to being the man or women God wants you to be?  If you are get in the Bible and learn more.   

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