Monday, April 4, 2011

Learning on the water

I got on the water today, well sort of.  I go to Great Lakes Christian College and there is a small pond on the property that I can fish.  Last spring I got a lot of bass out of that pond.  So with wind blowing at 15 to 20 MPH I went out today.
My goal was to learn how to cast and swim a Rago SKT Swimmer swimbait.  After doing some research on Smith Mountain Lake I learned that Skeet Reese won their last year about the same time I will be fishing this year throwing one.  So I bought one.
I have never fished a bait this big.  In Michigan we don’t need 6 inch baits because the bass just don’t get that big.  However I wanted to see how it worked, how it was to cast and so on.  So I set out to practice today.
After an hour of chucking the swimbait I felt like I had the handle of how to cast and somewhat work the bait.  I never set out to catch a bass just to learn.  It reminded me of why people to Church.  Most people would say I got to Church to learn about God.  We go to Church so we can learn about God and then put what we learned into action. 
Just as I set out to learn how to use the swimbait today so I could put that into action in a few weeks on Smith Mountain Lake.  We as Christians need to learn about God so we can put the principles we learn into action when the time comes that we need them.

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