Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lets Help Those In Need

I have been watching the news, reading statues updates from friends in the south the last day or so as tornados ripped thru the south.  I just read that the death toll has reached 178 people and the number is expected to rise.
I spent last weekend in Virginia at Smith Mountain Lake.  Monday as we made our way home I was hit driving thru the mountains of West Virginia with heavy rain and blowing wind.  At one point I was only going about 35 mph because I couldn’t see more then 20ft ahead of me.
As I was driving I began to pray Lord please, please let me and Cyndi get home safe.  If I had only known what I was driving away from I may have prayed less for me and instead for those going to get hit in a few days.  I feel blessed that Cyndi and I made home safely.  But now I see pictures of homes and towns ravaged by storms my prayers go out to the people in the south.
I have made a lot of friends via Facebook and I can say that knowing somewhere in the direct path of the storms has me worried.  I have not heard from some of them and am begin to wonder if any of them are included in the 178 who have lost their lives.
I hope you will all keep those affected by the storms in your prayers.  Lets remember that we can all help.  If you know someone who has been devastated by this storm lets do something for them. 
I love the bass fishing community, when we see a need we band together and do anything we can to help.  I want to share something that Don Barone is doing.
Here's what I'm thinking of trying to do.  I don't have to be at West Point Lake until Sunday.  I'm going to be able to pack up the RV and leave here in a couple of hours, once I figure out the mystery of the generator the Greyhawk has I will be fully self-contained.
I'm going to try and find a thrift store/stores between me and Alabama and will go in a buy as many clothes for kids as the place has and my credit card can take.  I figure I can't store a bunch of food in here, but I can load it up with clothes.  My guess is a lot of basic clothes for living have been taken by the wind.
Then, with your help, find some sort of central place to park the RV and open the doors to anyone, any family, and just let them take what they need.
 I'll be rolling by 10am CST if you need me or have a suggestion as to where to bring whatever I can find, txt me or email me and I'll be able to see it while I'm on the road.
 I'm not great at planning but I hope this works.
If you want to help Don please contact him thru his Facebook page.  I am hoping all can help his efforts and maybe help offset the cost he is going to occur well he sets out to help those in trouble.
I want to leave you with this
“But if anyone has the world's goods and sees his brother in need, yet closes his heart against him, how does God's love abide in him?”
The Lord has given us so much lets help those who are in trouble please be praying for them and lets help in any way we can.

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