Saturday, May 7, 2011

Learning During the Hard Times

I have to be honest the weather has been great the last week and I am going nuts.  The boat still will not start.  My friend Josh and I went fishing last Saturday and the motor has not turned over since I loaded it on the trailer.  I am losing it not being on the water.
Friday Josh and I took the hour trip to his dad’s house and picked up two used controls (his dad scraps boats and sells parts).  I was convinced that the problem was in the controls not the motor somewhere.  Well last night I hooked up the controls I got from Josh’s dad and got the same result the motor playing dead.
I feel like I should be learning something from this.  The problem is I don’t know what.  I have the tendency to look at a situation and think what is God teaching me?  In this situation I don’t know what it is.  I was thinking maybe God is trying to teach me that fishing is not everything.  Or maybe God is trying to help me see the good in a bad situation.  I am leaning toward that, I have been trying to look at the positives even thou the motor is not working.
I shared in another blog that the motor could have stopped ten minutes earlier than it did and Josh and I would have been stranded.  Also I got the opportunity to meet Josh’s dad which was an honor.  Plus last week was so nice I think I may have fished a little too much and not have studied for my Greek final like I should have and did and may not have passed the class.
I keep hoping he boat will just start and I can go fishing, however it doesn’t seem to want to.  I keep thinking I wish I had a new boat but I know I am lucky to have the 30 year old Ranger I have because some guys aren’t even that blessed.
The next time that you seem to be going thru something that is a struggle for you stop and think about what is God trying to teach me.  I know when I do I seem to have more peace with what is going on I am able to look at the situation with a better prospective.       

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