Thursday, May 26, 2011

Here I Am Yet Agian

Not my motor but pretty close to the
one giving me problems
It seems that most of my blogs have been about my motor in the past month.  I have had more problems with that thing, at times it makes me want to pull my hair out.  I have tried to look at all the problems with a good point of view but as each new problem arises I am having a harder and harder time doing so.
I had this thought the other day.  I am beginning to feel a bit like Paul.  Now don’t stop reading and yes I did just compare myself to Paul.  Paul in my opinion is the second greatest New Testament figure we have next to Christ.  So much of the New Testament comes from Paul he helped start Churches and was fundamental in bringing gentiles into Christianity.
Even though Paul did all of these things he was still hounded and threatened by the Jews and gentiles alike.  We read about how he was thrown into jail, beaten and even stoned in the name of God.  Now none of that is happening to me by my motor but I was looking at my motor as those who were trying to shout Paul up.  My motor has done nothing but work against me, instead of helping me gets to the fish.
Even though Paul went through all of that at the hands of those who did not want him to accomplish the goal God set before him Paul continued on.  Even though my motor doesn’t want to co-operate with me I am still pressing on.  Yes it would be nice to have a newer boat, one that I don’t have to work on week in and week out.  However that’s not what God has planned for me I guess.  Even thought I am still waiting patiently for that phone call or email telling me that I have won one of those hundreds of bass boats I have signed up to win.
Just like Paul I am going to solder on.  I will continue to deal with the curve balls that my boat and motor cause me.  Maybe someday I will be able to get that new boat, or maybe I can just win one.  It’s funny I am always checking craigslist and I am always finding great deals on used bass boats.  Sadly I don’t have the 5 or 7 grand it would cost to get a decent used one.  Like I said someday, or maybe not maybe I am never suppose to have a newer boat but I sure hope not.
So the next time you feel like everything is falling apart or everything is against you stop and think about all that Paul went through.  Remember we are not alone when we are going through something annoying or difficult God is with us.

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