Monday, February 14, 2011

Winter Tackle Maintenance

In Michigan the weather is still Cold, Snow is on the ground.  With winter starting to turn and once again make way for spring I saw an article about tackle organization on T brinks blog.  The difference is that this article was what not to do with Winter Tackle Maintenance. 
I have read countless blogs and articles about Winter Tackle Maintenance but this is one of the first ones I have seen about what not to do.  Remember winter is only for a season.  If you live in the North like me hang in there fishing season is just around the corner. 
Being that I hate winter I know it is needed.  I know God created this cold time for our benefit.  I dislike winter but I love spring.  It reminds me of us and Gods love for us.  Each spring we see Gods creation bloom into beauty.  Just like us, when we become Christians and turns are live over to God we to bloom into a beautiful creation made by God.
So as the blues of winter begin to fade remember we are like nature, a beautiful creation of God.

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