Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hard Times

Have you ever had one of those times in your life where being on the water seemed to fix your problems?  I seem to be able to deal with my problems better when I am out fishing.  Yesterday my wife and I found out that she had a miscarriage.  As soon as I found out about it my heart dropped.  I had grand visions of fishing with “Baby Mac” (what we nicknamed the baby). 
As we were driving home from the ER last night I told my wife I was going fishing tomorrow.  With loving eyes she looked at me and said I know.  It’s funny how people find comfort during difficult times, for me its fishing.  Others find comfort in crying or some other thing.
I texted my friend Josh last night and he joined me on the water today.  I had a great day on the water I got a bunch of smallmouth bass and a few pike.  Nothing big or worth bragging about, however time on the water allowed me to forget about baby Mac for a few hours.   
I spent the day trying to be distracted and not disappointed by the loss.  I began to think about Job, and all the hard ship he went through.  My wife and I had lost a baby one not even born yet.  Job lost everything kids, land, money you name it he lost it.
Job had people he sat with and talked about what was going on with.  When you read Job they give him bad advice.  I have Josh, unlike them he helps me see God and helps me put things in prospective.  We all need people like Josh in our lives.  Don’t let things get you down, now things will get you down don’t get me wrong.  Look for the good in it, I still have not found it in the situation in which me and Cyndi are going through but I am sure there is one. 
Please keep me and Cyndi in your prayers.  I know God has a purpose in this I just have not seen it.  I thank God for good friends like Josh who are willing to spend time with you when the world seems to some down around you.  Remember God loves even in the hard times.  Job did and in the end God gave him more than he had before.

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  1. You are in our prayers. Keep staying positive.