Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Just Fishin

I am not a country music fan by any means.  However I ran across a song by Trace Adkins because my wife told me about it and so I looked it up.  The song is about a father and daughter going fishing, and talking about what is going on.
It made me stop and think.  We only have a short time with our children and in that time we need to instill the values we believe in them.  Once they reach the age of adult hood we can only sit on the sidelines and watch and hope and pray they follow God.
There’s a line in the song “She thinks were just fishin”.  It really hit home with me, because I took the family out fishing on Saturday night and I started a conversation about wondering why God made fish.  Its moments like that that we can share small pieces of God with our Children.
That’s what I love about being in the outdoors and fishing.  We get a chance to be in God’s great gift to us and share important moments with our family.  I hope you spend time with your children and share the love of God with them.
Check out the music video below:

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